BID Ballot – Using Your Vote

From October 28, 2021, you (if you are an eligible business rates payer) will be given the opportunity to vote on this business proposal for the establishment of the King’s Road BID.

To ensure neutrality, the BID ballot will be administered by the Royal Borough and Kensington and Chelsea Returning Officer and electoral services staff. It will be arranged in line with the rules set out in the BID regulations (2004) as approved by Parliament.

The ballot will need to satisfy two tests: A majority in number of those voting and a majority in proportion of rateable value of those voting. The BID levy can only come into effect if these two tests are met.

The BID levy is then applicable to all eligible rate payers.

Voting Procedures

  • Your ballot paper will be distributed on October 28, 2021
  • You will need to cast and return your postal vote by 5pm on November 25, 2021
  • The results of the vote will be announced online on November 26, 2021

All eligible businesses will be entitled to one vote per hereditament. Some businesses occupying more than one hereditament within the area will therefore be entitled to more than one vote.

The BID is your opportunity to have an influential voice and implement changes that will positively affect your business and help ensure the future wellbeing of King’s Road.

It’s your vote. Use it.

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