Providing Business Support & Insights

The BID will support businesses by taking an area-wide approach to measures that help business development and growth. These will develop over time in response to the evolving needs of the retail and leisure sector but will initially include an insights programme (e.g. footfall and when available sales data) to monitor absolute and relative performance and inform business planning.

Pillar 4 – Providing business support & insights

The BID will establish a structure for regular assessment of the priorities and needs of different business sectors to ensure that activities are focused on increasing revenue and reducing business costs. Establishing itself as the voice of business in the area, the BID will promote and influence relevant local and London policy issues.

The communications programme will produce regular updates of relevant news and business insight for King’s Road businesses together with a programme of networking and business insight events.

The BID can also link-in with and provide access to existing business support available through the local chambers of commerce and London and Partners, as well as work in partnerships that can create additional local business support.

We want businesses on King’s Road to be equipped to perform at their optimum every day - and to assist that the BID will provide business members with the tools, guidance and support they need to thrive.

The BID will;

  • Provide weekly political and operational newsletters to ensure our members are kept up-to- date with what is happening in the area. The BID will circulate monthly reports that contain insights into the performance of the area and wider central London
  • Deliver workshops, seminars and face-to-face training with experts on key issues and topics – information gathering, learning and development opportunities which provide valuable and practical insight to members
  • Engage with the relevant authorities on policy matters and responding to consultations with a collective voice
  • Provide local leadership and a powerful collective voice to inform policy and affect change where required on issues that matter most to businesses in the area
  • Identify opportunities to encourage and foster new enterprises

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