The international reputation of the King’s Road, established in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, was built on cutting edge fashion, music and art which followed Chelsea’s renown as an artistic and bohemian colony during much of the 19 th and 20 th centuries attracting artists, radicals, painters and poets. This helped establish the 1.8-mile road as one of the world’s most fashionable places for the young and avant-garde to visit, shop and play.

In the following decades as trends changed, retail adapted and Chelsea evolved, the Road lost much of its status at the vanguard of culture and fashion - and its clientele and businesses became more upmarket mainstream.

But the King’s Road is reinventing itself. A coordinated approach to the curation of the street by the King’s Road Partnership which comprises of property owners including Cadogan, Martins Properties, Halj Group, and Crosstree, together with the iconic Chelsea store, Peter Jones and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, is already showing results.

The aim is to continue to build on the rich history and enviable reputation of the area to refresh the unique and compelling appeal for local, as well as national and international visitors who appreciate a destination that is sophisticated, yet avant-garde – epitomising the best of evolving, experiential retail with exciting hospitality, compelling culture, community use and inspiring events.

The King’s Road Partnership’s approach is clearly starting to pay dividends, for the benefit of property owners, occupiers, local residents and visitors to the area. But changing the unconscious drift into borderline suburban to re-establish the global reputation of the King’s Road in a 21 st century way, requires continuing leadership, cooperation, focus and energy. There is much more to be done to adapt and respond to evolving consumer trends while respecting the interests of local residents.

In order to achieve these aims and protect and enhance the iconic status of the King’s Road, the King’s Road Partnership has identified the need to establish a Business improvement District (BID) for the area. A BID will act as a vehicle to set strategic direction and work with a wide range of partners to develop and execute the changes needed to ensure that the King’s Road continues to flourish and strengthen its distinctive character.

This Business Plan is the BID’s proposal for a £4 million, five-year programme of investment to enhance both the physical presence of the Road and the range of services needed to ensure that it looks and feels clean, safe and welcoming. It builds on the successes already made in re-establishing the special appeal of the King’s Road.

This continued investment in the King’sRoad is not just good for businesses and visitors, its good for everyone who lives and works in the district. Enhancing the physical environment and creating a safer, cleaner, greener King’s Road will make ours and even better place to live and work.

If businesses vote ‘yes’ to a BID, this Business Plan will guide the district-wide activities of occupiers and property owners. The BID will engage more widely with key stakeholders, local government, residents and neighbouring institutions to help deliver together a programme to ensure a vibrant, viable and sustainable district for everyone to enjoy.

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