Collaboration and Partnership

One of the key roles of the BID will be to act as a catalyst to encourage public and private sector partners, working together to support and invest in projects that will enhance the Road and help deliver plans for the future.

Pillar 5 – Collaboration and Partnership

As a body dedicated to constant improvement of the area, the BID will concentrate on bringing together our key businesses with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the Mayor and Transport for London. Together we can agree, over time, to adopt and finance the projects that need to be undertaken to ensure that the district continues to evolve and thrive.

The power of partnership extends beyond business and government. The BID will actively engage with other elements of the Chelsea community so that projects are selected and designed with input from, and a clear understanding of, residents’ interests and those of other nearby institutions and organisations.

From the initial Feasibility Study, the promotors of the BID have engaged with resident, amenity and community groups as well as local councillors. Everyone who invests, works and lives in our district has a clear interest in its future. By working together, we can deliver the improvements that are needed to ensure that that future is bright for us all.

The Business Improvement District will be a voice for business interests. But any vision can only be achieved with the support of partners in the local community and local authorities.

The BID can be a powerful partner to help achieve the ambitions of others in the community, for example through contributing to local sustainability goals, recruitment and training for local people and ensuring that the wider community feels the benefits that flow from a successful commercial district.

The BID will;

  • Provide essential business-led leadership and influence. Through this local leadership and a powerful collective voice for our members, the BID will inform policy and effect change on the issues that matter most to our members and the neighbourhood
  • Build positive working relationships with a range of partners to drive the adoption and successful delivery of the Business Plan’s projects and policies
  • Establish the BID’s role as a constant and dedicated leader of change and a catalyst to help mobilise businesses and key public sector delivery partners, principally:
    • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
    • The Mayor and his key agencies, particularly Transport for London
    • Government – BEIS, DCMS
  • Provide a platform for businesses to work together with representatives of the local community to achieve an agreed vision that benefits all stakeholders
  • Work with residents and the wider community for the Business Plan proposals:
    • Establish a positive working relationship with resident and other non-business communities to ensure that the BID’s business-led priorities also reflect and respond to their issues and concerns
    • Provide a structure for regular engagement with local residents to discuss proposals and resolve any issues that arise
    • Create a role for resident representation at BID Board level

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